4 Ways to Creatively Use Samples of Your Own Products

New year, new goals for your online store! And we’ve got a great place for you to start: have you tried ordering samples of your own products yet? Besides ordering a shirt for your mom who’s been dyyying to wear it so she can brag about her child’s artistic skills, it pays to order samples of your own items (especially since with Artist Shops, you can order your own items at just the base cost, plus score free shipping*). From selling your products IRL to taking lifestyle photos, there are tons of ways to creatively use your physical products and boost your sales! Here are four ways to creatively use samples of your own products. 

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Lifestyle photos

Using the lifestyle photo templates we provide or sites like Placeit is great. But there’s nothing like creating your own lifestyle photos from scratch. It’s a way of making marketing materials that are uniquely yours to use everywhere from social media to your Shop’s homepage (plus, customers won’t run into stock photos you use in other online stores…#awkward). Shooting your own product photos also gives you the flexibility to let your brand’s personality and the lifestyle you’re selling to shine through. Photos also give customers the added benefit of getting a peek at the material, feel, and sizing of your products without seeing them in person.

Plan out a photoshoot (ask your friends to model and give them the product they model as payment!), order the items you need, pick your locations, and get that perfect shot!

Sell products in real life

Just because you have an online store doesn’t mean you can’t sell your items IRL. Order your own products and set up shop in the real world! Whether your venue of choice is a booth at your local comic convention to sell your comics and merch, at an art fair to sell your prints, or going all-out and creating a pop-up Shop for your brand, selling your products in real life is a great way to get some face-time and connect with customers.


Giveaways are a great way to gain followers. Order samples of the products you’re giving away ahead of time so you can take photos of it/them to use while promoting the opportunity. And if you’re giving away a clothing item that requires a different size later, no worries! You pay just the base cost to order your own products, so you’re not breaking the bank if you have to order a different size when the winner is chosen.


If you have an Artist Shop for your band or charity, it pays to have a merch table around! Order your products to sell at events you throw, host, or are involved in. It puts you right in front of people in your niche audience who you already have a foot in the door with; after all, they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t already interested in your music, cause, etc. You can also throw an event and sell your items there! It can be as simple as having a house party and selling your items there, renting out a bar or party space, or an opening/closing night at a gallery space where your work is displayed. Pro tip: create a makeshift photo booth and a #hashtag for your event to get people to spread the word and take pics!

*Order minimum to get free shipping on your sample order is $25 US, $50 INTL. Excludes INTL wall art & INTL shoes.

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Featured illustration by Katie Lukes.

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